Keto Planner and Planner Guide

Keto Planner and Fitness Guide eBook and Printable Planner

Changing your lifestyle can be hard.

There are new habits to track, results and progress that you won't see unless you are keeping data.

And sometimes, it feels like you have been trying FOREVER and you still haven't seen any positive results.

Tracking your habits, successes, and data can show you where you are being successful. Maybe the scale keeps screaming the same number at you every time you step on it.

But your "before" and "during" photos are telling a different story.

Maybe you didn't realize you were actually exceeding your carb intake. Or you really didn't get all your workouts in last week.

Using a keto planner will help you to track those data points and give you a clear look at what you are doing right and where you can tweak your strategies and habits just a little bit for even more success!


keto planner pages for tracking your meals and fitness

This bundle includes the following templates:

  • a written guide on how to use a planner to organize your keto journey
  • Today is:
  • Plans for the week of:
  • To-Do List
  • Habit Tracker
  • Meal Planner
  • Weekly Meal Planner
  • Keto Meal Ideas
  • Cheat Sheet Tracker
  • Print and Cut Grocery List
  • Keto Symptom Tracker
  • Before and After
  • Your Challenges
  • Weekly Progress Tracker with Body Template for Measurements
  • 30-Day Fitness Challenge
  • Fitness Calendar
  • Fitness Goals
  • Weekly Exercise Tracker
  • Monthly Check-in
  • Daily Food and Drink Diary